The objective is: optimal store management with optimal sales support at minimum merchandise input.

Frequently changing staff and auxiliary personnel are characteristics for bakery shops Intuitive handling of the system is an essential requirement for this segment.

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The objective is: optimal sales support at optimum assortment and merchandise input.

This sale of organic products is characterised by frequent changes in staff and temporary employees. It is therefore mandatory that the handling of the system is simple and intuitive.

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A Convenience Shop in retail is characterised by a small floor space of about 300 m². The assortment primarily is aimed at immediate consumption.

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This type of business is characterised by large assortments and intensive need for consultancy Product information from sigma//MC or DEWAS III must be available to the customer and to the employee sigma//MC.

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Efficient merchandise management prevents over – or under-stocking in the stores The availability of merchandise is controlled by the actual sales volume and leads to avoidance of empty shelves and a good merchandise presentation.

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The food sector in retail with its very large assortments and many different types of products is a great challenge to each merchandise management system.

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Challenges in the non food segment are a high diversity in the assortment, slow goods turnover and consequently a high capital tie-up and a too large goods presentation at the sales floor.

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Perfumeries and drug stores with a strong cosmetics segment are among the most successful retail branches. However many established concepts should be modernised. Customers inform themselves in the internet and are very price-conscious. This type of retailers should be prepared to have the right offerings in an appealing form.

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The objective is: a clean merchandise management system

Complete control over all merchandise movements and stock on hand at the press of a button. Mimi mum capital tie-up through system aided ordering proposals, online ordering and demand driven stock keeping ensure profitable results.

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Fashion shops differ in sales and cashing considerably from the checkout oriented self service organisation.
Superdata offers a Loss Prevention application that suits the needs of these businesses.

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The pet shop segment is mainly operated by franchisers but also by independent retailers Like in other branches also here the pressure from rising costs forces optimisation of the processes through the implementation of merchandise management. Apart from the stationary trade, internet trade becomes more important and should be integrated into the business processes.

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