The objective is: optimal store management with optimal sales support at minimum merchandise input.

Frequently changing staff and auxiliary personnel are characteristics for bakery shops Intuitive handling of the system is an essential requirement for this segment.

cashPlus by Superdata guarantees operational reliability, ergonomic handling, velocity and of course hygienic standards.

These characteristics are essential for a POS system in the sales of bakery products.

Summary of the highlights

  • Simultaneous sign on of multiple sales assistants, central or local management functions
  • Printed receipt / moving scales cashier
  • Management of recipes for in-store production, like salads, rolls, etc.
  • Customer oriented:
    easy to handle browser application in order to
    • run local applications like merchandise management
    • access to intranet (product databases, training documents, video clips, time recording, notifications by mail, etc.)
    • Internet access for e.g. external search for information
  • Eat here/take away sales
  • Customer loyalty program: customer cards, management of commercial customers
  • Goods transfer between stores; which product is actually needed where?
  • Extensive reporting as needed, centrally or locally
  • Free combinations of discount methods like „buy 3 pay for 2", plus 5 % reduction for all members of a sports club.
  • Function keys for recurring actions like: „yesterdays bread", „discount for bread after 17:00 o'clock".