Efficient merchandise management prevents over – or under-stocking in the stores The availability of merchandise is controlled by the actual sales volume and leads to avoidance of empty shelves and a good merchandise presentation.

PS systems with touch screen foster intuitive cashing. The authorisation concept reduces fraud and facilitate training of auxiliary personnel.

Summary of the highlights

  • departments, product- and PLU-lists and stored in the POS
    • empties
    • cases or bottles
    • mixed cases
    • discount methods
  • accounting of empties and attachment reverse vending machines
  • Wireless PDT's for ordering and stock taking
  • Printing of shelf labels and posters
  • accounting for theft, losses, own use etc. by product
  • electronic delivery notes simplifies goods receiving, immediate check of delivered volumes with real time transfer to the invoice checking functions
  • Customer management
    • Delivery notes, (collective) invoices, check of open positions
    • Sales on commission
    • Rentals