A Convenience Shop in retail is characterised by a small floor space of about 300 m². The assortment primarily is aimed at immediate consumption.

In Germany convenience shops are categorised as follows:

  • shop in petrol stations
  • kiosk
  • shops at railway or bus stations
  • small neighbourhood food shops

The assortments are:

  • Bakery/treats/sweets
  • Beverages
  • Cigarettes/tobacco/magazines
  • Groceries

These shops offer „One-Stop-Shopping" and extended opening hours.

cashPlus has the necessary functions for this type of business, including IT support, already built-in.

The challenges of frequent changing staff, untrained employees and long opening hours(24 hours) is solved by the rolling cash balancing,. The touch screen system reduces errors and fraud through strict user guidance, requirement for training is low.

Local production of e.g., sandwiches is controlled by a recipe system for exact stock keeping of of the products used for the production. Different VAT rates are possible if the requirement exist. Mobile solutions offers the necessary functions for merchandise management.

The financial investment is kept low through offers for leasing the equipment. Further it is possible to engage a service centre for the administrative tasks.