Fashion shops differ in sales and cashing considerably from the checkout oriented self service organisation.
Superdata offers a Loss Prevention application that suits the needs of these businesses.

Fashion shops are characterised by the following:

  • multiple sales assistants share one cash register
  • The sales requires intensive consullting, the personnel partly gets paid on a commission basis
  • the merchandise is high-valued, the cash receipts generally have few lines but high amounts.
  • Reasons for returns and substitutions are registered, the original receipt must be presented
  • Reductions, discounts, price changes and seasonally changing assortments.
  • The organisations have different market segments, umbrella brands, etc.

Superdata has developed a version of Loss Prevention Audit that suits the needs of this kind of businesses,

All relevant POS processes will be analysed:

  • analysis of mass data, reports adapted to the structure of the enterprise
  • Evaluation per periods e.g. week, month, business year
  • developments over time, frequency analysis, heat-maps
  • Analysis by store or sales assistant
  • Mass data evaluation by totals, statistical analysis of critical situations
  • Traffic light system and graphical representations
  • Important: access to the cash receipt and the journal entry related to critical exceptions