The food sector in retail with its very large assortments and many different types of products is a great challenge to each merchandise management system.

Nowhere else orders are placed so frequently as in the retail business. Many assortments are delivered daily which requires very tight processing of goods receiving and adjacent functions. Keeping a precise stock on hand by product should not require intervention by the staff.

Empties returns of empties, products sold by weight, packaged goods (e.g. bottles or crates) display stands fast and slow movers must be supported by the software in all areas of the merchandise management. A major part of the assortments is perishable goods, that must requires special handling.

In the serviced departments scales and pricing devices must be integrated. Electronic shelf labels can reduce costs, especially for produce.

Optimised ordering functions with integrated automatic re-ordering support the staff in avoiding overstocking. Perpetual stock taking will make the extensive stock take method by fixed day obsolete. The stock on hand will be checked during opening hours when customer frequency is low; information losses and differences is available on a daily basis.

Mobile solutions with direct access to the merchandise management database provide information where it is needed in the store. Also in the food retail business the use of touch screen POS has become common. A low training effort is important in an area where staff changes frequently and often has a only a minor experience in cashing.

The very low margins in food retailing require an ongoing evaluation by buying and selling prices in order to have a tight control of the margins and gross profits.