Perfumeries and drug stores with a strong cosmetics segment are among the most successful retail branches. However many established concepts should be modernised. Customers inform themselves in the internet and are very price-conscious. This type of retailers should be prepared to have the right offerings in an appealing form.

Presentation of the products must be targeted at local type of customers. Advice and well educated personnel are essential. In addition capital costs and expenses must be kept to a minimum.

Superdata offers an all encompassing portfolio of solutions, ranging from modifications of the distributed versions for independent retailers to central merchandise management systems run in a computing centre for chain stores, featuring a ‚thin' store with one cash register.

With SaaS - Software as a Service – the software can be leased, keeping investments low.

Summary from the highlights

  • Easy use through intuitive navigation and browser type technology is an essential requirement for this type of business in order to include
    • local applications like merchandise management
    • intranet access to product databases, training documents, videos, time recording, notifications by mail, etc.
    • internet access to e.g. external information, access to the web shop
  • Customer loyalty activities, customer cards, couponing, discounts, etc.
  • Simultaneous sign-on of multiple cashiers. Central or de-central administrative functions.
  • Optimise processes: from manual to automatic ordering, handling of returns, transfers, merchandise management
  • Mobile applications for the store
  • Perpetual stock taking
  • Reporting of short-term profit and loss up to promotion evaluation