The pet shop segment is mainly operated by franchisers but also by independent retailers Like in other branches also here the pressure from rising costs forces optimisation of the processes through the implementation of merchandise management. Apart from the stationary trade, internet trade becomes more important and should be integrated into the business processes.

The objective for every one who operates this kind of business should therefore be:

The best store system with the best sales support for best merchandise input.

A major factor influencing sales in pet shops is the employment of temporary and auxiliary employees.

Intuitive interaction with the POS system and easy understanding of the functions is essential. The system must be suited to work as a cash checkout register with scanning capabilities as well as in a serviced environment.

POS systems by Superdata are made to handle these requirements with reliability and ergonomic designed operation and fast handling.

The touch screen POS can be extended by additional peripherals if necessary.

Apart from fast and secure cashing the merchandise management systems by Superdata provide a full control over all merchandise movements and stock. The system covers all functions from manual to automatic re-ordering, from stock taking by cut-off date to perpetual stock taking. All reports can be made available at the POS, in the back office. to mobile devices or to the central site. For chain stores and franchise systems unified processes between the ERP-system and the stores, as well as a reporting system that includes all connected locations is a necessary item for management information.

Independent retailers and franchisers can also use the system locally without linkage to an ERP system.
Superdata offers a large number of proven solutions that can be operated simultaneously in all kinds of enterprises.

Our store solutions can be scaled in size and functionality as required. They meet all standards of the business segment.