Association of retailers in order to achieve better buying conditions This includes also services offered to the members of the association.

Superdata offers solutions consisting of software and hardware components in the following areas:

  • For the retailer this is the cashPlus POS system consisting of a PC cash register with touch screen and a software package that can be extended to include also merchandise management functions. Interfaces for the supply of master data that can be extended to by merchandise functions like ordering, goods receiving and invoice checking.
  • For retailers with multiple stores the solution is MSS. MSS the preferred ERP-system for midsized companies:
    • Handling of master data, prices and promotions. ordering, goods receiving, invoice checking and a detailed reporting system up to profit and loss accounting.
  • In order to benefit from synergy effects MSS can be provided with master data and price recommendations from the central organisation i.e. the buying association, which can subsequently be changed by the store manager to fit local situations.