The necessity for cost reductions in the retail business requires highly efficient solutions in order to optimise processes and reduce operational costs significantly.

Our solutions for stores can be scaled by functionality and size.

  • Local merchandise management DEWAS III connected to the central ERP-system
  • Lean store with cash register and peripheral devices, the merchandise management functions are running on a central sigma//MC server that is also capable to handle concessionaires.
  • Store with cash register and peripherals. The devices are controlled via SiSu (Store Integration of Sub-Systems). SiSu offers functions that allow the store to operate offline when communications are down.

Chain stores often supply not only own stores but also franchisers or independent retailers. Our solutions can be adapted to different organisations due to the fact that they have standard interfaces. Through parameter settings, the role of a store can be limited to the required functions, independent store owners however have the full freedom to select functions, assortments and prices.

Our systems covers specific needs of many different branches in the retail business.

Our customers have already connected our solutions to a great variety of ERP-systems for which interfaces are available.