Many successful business models can be reproduced. The processes in the franchising business should be simplified and standardised.
Some typical characteristics that are inherent to all franchise systems, special know-how, selected assortments or support by offering general processes from POS to central system.

In order to achieve uniformity in processes and reporting this solution should be offered to franchisees. The franchisor recommends the technical solution for the POS- and merchandise management system.

Superdata offers a large number of tested solutions all of which can be connected to various types of organisations by means of interfaces. Through parameter settings, the role of a franchise store can be limited to the required functions, the independent franchisee however has the full freedom to select functions, assortments and prices.

For the franchisor uniform processes between his ERP-system and the franchisees and an all-including reporting system is essential in controlling the business.

Our solutions for stores can be scaled by functionality size:

  • sigma//HQ is the ERP-system for the franchisor
  • Local store merchandise management software is cashPlus or DEWAS III connected to the ERP-System. Many customers run our software connected to different ERP-systems for which customised interfaces are available.
  • A lean store cash register and peripheral equipment. Merchandise management functions for the store are run on the central sigma//MC server, that can also handle concessionaires.

Franchisees of different sizes have different requirements:

  • Stores with 1 to 2 cash registers cashplus
  • Multiple stores controlled by local management: MSS, sigma//MC, mobile solutions
  • Extended supplier master data: Ordering, product and assortment maintenance
  • Investment models: buy, rent, lease
  • Own IT or SaaS (Software as a Service)