Retail businesses operating multiple stores either on their own or as a service to other companies like franchisers expect a software solution for a uniform control of the stores.

The solutions for these kind of organisations, MSS and sigma//HQ, offer all functions needed for an efficient operation and control of stores or points of sales with different types of distribution.

With MSS or sigma//HQ points can be operated as profit centres where the local management has the responsiblility for the results or as centrally controlled stores with predetermined assortments and prices of sale and stores.

Our software solutions support the management and offer the following performance features:

  • Import of data from a supplier (products, prices, buying discounts)
  • Master data by distribution channels (discount stores, super markets)
  • Simplified price maintenance through price levels (e.g. differences city vs. rural areas)
  • Calculation of selling prices based on buying prices and preset margins
  • Selection of assortments, printing of order forms and creation of shelf labels for the stores
  • Multi-level system of buying discounts (by supplier, product, promotion and date-related)
  • Control and result monitoring of promotions
  • Goods Receiving and Invoice Checking
  • Reporting system with calculation of short-term gross profits and cost-revenue control
  • Support of direct customers – from ordering to payment
  • Interface to accounting