cashPlus is a hard- and software combination, consisting of user friendly cash register with touch screen, customer display, cash drawer, receipt printer and hand scanner plus POS- and merchandise management software.

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cashPlus@cloud - the bonus for your business

cashPlus@cloud is based on our proven cashPlus solution. The software is available as a service (SaaS).

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With over 7000 installations in more than 80 retail enterprises of all sizes, DEWAS III is the leading merchandise management system.

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Whether kiosks, supermarkets or department stores, DIY stores or special retail businesses POSMAN is the POS-solution that offers exactly the functions required for your segment.

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MSS, the Multiple Store System, is the ERP-system that controls all remote DEWAS installations.

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sigma//MC is the integrated merchandise management solution, capable of handling concessionaires and offering modern cloud computing and hosting services.

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In many cases merchandise processing in the store is accomplished by central ERP-systems. In the stores only the connection of peripheral equipment is needed.

SiSu (store integration of subsystems) is the ideal solution for such constellations. SiSu allows to control and exchange data with the all peripherals in the store including the cash register.

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XDS simplifies and automates data exchange between remote locations.

It is the optimal solution for data communication with headquarters, stores, as well as suppliers or other partners.

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Loss Prevention Audit is a well established tool for the auditing department.

Loss Prevention Audit is suited for large enterprises with more than 2000 attached POS system and and a multi-level concessionaire structure as well as for independent retailers operating only a small number of stores.

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