cashPlus@cloud - the bonus for your business

cashPlus@cloud is based on our proven cashPlus solution. The software is available as a service (SaaS).

cashPlus@cloud is the modern form of a powerful application; the functionality is the same as in cashPlus. The IT-infrastructure – hardware, software and services – is provided by service providers. This significantly reduces the cost of procurement. The monthly costs of lease depend on the duration of usage. The „cloud computing services" are operated from a qualified, Germany-based computing centre. The system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your data is safely stored in a separate, private area.

In the store there are only cash registers running the minimum required software. The merchandise management software can be operated from the cash register, from a back office PC or from a remote system via a secure connection. Online requests can be made via smart phone tablet PC or notebook. In the store there is no important information stored, so no risk of data theft or loss of data through malfunction.

The customer decides which services he uses – i.e. the user is free to decide on the work flow in his business.
This leaves more time for the real tasks: how to best service your customers and to support your personnel efficiently with easy and reliable data processing.


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