With over 7000 installations in more than 80 retail enterprises of all sizes, DEWAS III is the leading merchandise management system.

DEWAS III is suited for independent retailers, franchisers, and chain stores. The environment from DEWAS III ranges small businesses up to self service department stores with 200,000 products in stock.

DEWAS III has been developed for the self service retailer; it supports all necessary functions like:

  • ordering with goods receiving and stock taking
  • POS cashing up to store accounting
  • price change management to printing of shelf labels

The application ranges from a simple accounting system to highly developed solutions with:

  • stock keeping, automatic re-ordering and perpetual stocktaking
  • attachment of scanning systems and electronic scales

POS systems and scales are integrated seamlessly into the merchandise cycle.

DEWAS IIII will exchange information with central systems, download of data for the store as well as upload of information for controlling the stores.

DEWAS III will run under windows XP or Windows 7.0.
It has been designed as a closed loop distributed and modular merchandise management system for use in various retail businesses.

DEWAS III offers all options for adaptation to the needs of the store like

  • Which employee has authorisation to see which business details and which functions is he/she allowed to execute.
  • Will only sales prices be visible to the employee or shall be also be allowed to see gross profits and margins.
  • What should the layout of shelf labels be like.

Different profiles can be defined setting the preferred language of the user and define which functions he/she can start. In addition to supporting different POS and scale systems, a large number of PDT-types can be attached. Investments in hardware will not be lost but can be integrated in the DEWAS III..

The maintenance of assortments in the store will be reduced to a minimum, since the basic data is transferred to DEWAS III from the central system. Depending on the authorisation of the user, changes to product data and prices can be done locally in the store. In this way own assortments can be added and centrally dictated prices can be changed (if authorised).

DEWAS III allows to streamline and optimise store processes. Logical work flows are supported.
Using Retail/MAP processes can be parametrised by user. Information is only entered once and a paperless operation is possible. DEWAS III provides accurate and meaningful information (relative to entry and exit situations) for all assortments. The integration of peripheral equipment ensures stable operation at the POS system.

The closed loop processing of goods entries and exits including miscellaneous movements guarantees correct stock quantities at any time.

Stock keeping, automatic re-ordering and perpetual stock taking are pre-requisites for increased profit.


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