Loss Prevention Audit is a well established tool for the auditing department.

Loss Prevention Audit is suited for large enterprises with more than 2000 attached POS system and and a multi-level concessionaire structure as well as for independent retailers operating only a small number of stores.

Loss Prevention is a very powerful tool with an ROI which is in the range of 3 to 6 months as has been proved in practice. As a standard tool it has a lot advantages over proprietary or data warehouse solutions. The strength of the program is the in-depth analysis and the use of key figures. From a list of transactions the related cash receipt can be accessed. Statistical analysis methods, cockpit and traffic light functions make the handling of mass data a simple task. Critical cases are distributed automatically by email to the responsible management functions.

Summary of the available functions

  • search for critical transactions with voids, handling of empties
  • Filter the receipt by headers or single lines
  • Query and display all relevant customer data of a POS transaction
  • Analysis of statistical exceptions, build scoring data to uncover unreliable users or stores
  • Create standard queries for typical situations
  • Printing and graphical display for easier understanding an documentation
  • Create key figures by store, areas, store types etc.
  • Match the reporting to the organisation of an enterprise
  • Comparison of key figures by periods like week, month, year.
  • Graphical info page for visual check with drill down to the single receipt.
  • Added value and synergies because of
    • Basket analysis for products on promotion (for marketing)
    • Display the daily sales frequency (for store management)