POSMAN-Cloud, integrated in sigma//MC Suite as sigma//POS, is the architecture of latest developments. POSMAN-Cloud operates without a local server.

A central back office system communicates online with all connected POS systems. Transaction data from the cash registers is booked in an ongoing process in the central database, in the same way centrally originated product data is distributed to POS systems. Sales data from all connected locations is available in real time to the central management. The distributed POS systems are fully offline capable, which is needed if communications should be interrupted. Synchronisation with the central system is automatically re-established when a system comes back online.

POSMAN-Cloud functions fully integrated and transparent as sigma//POS in sigma//Store. It covers all current requirements of a modern POS system.

  • high reliability and data security (redundant mirroring of data)
  • can handle large volume on a scalable base
  • offline capabilities
  • all cashing functions needed for checkout (sales, voids, returns, tender handling, authorisation, etc.)
  • all administrative functions (pay-ins/pay-outs, loans, cash count, etc.)
  • support of a large variety of peripheral equipment (scales, cash handling systems, etc.)

Via a browser interface central management of parameter settings of the cash registers can de done centrally.

Whether kiosks, super markets or department stores, DIY stores or specialised shops, POSMAN can handle all environments.

POSMAN-Cloud helps you solve the challenges in modern retail operations and will ensure the essential factors for success as there are integration, internationality and above all improvement of service to the customer.

Benefits are:

  • easy integration into your existing solution
  • support of your current and future POS hardware
  • Vast functionality and quick implementation of new features if market requirements change.
  • Ready for international spreading (multi lingual, fiscal certification)
  • large installation base

With its leading technology POSMAN supports the entire palette of possible POS configurations, from the classical cash register with touch screen (Windows/Linux) to iPad or Tablets with Windows or Android. POSMAN uses technical standards like SQL-databases (ODBC) and TCP/IP.

POSMAN's a promotion engine supports a large number of discount methods, e.g. discount by product or volume, multipack, mix&match receipt total discount discounts by weekday, happy hour, coupons etc. Also discount types like fixed selling price, reductions in percent or value, free gifts, points etc. are possible.

For all maintenance processes as well as cashing up functions a unified user interface is available in sigma//MC. Employee maintenance, cashier accounting, cash on hand recording planning of discounts and promotions, configuration of the touch key arrangement or definition of salutation messages at the customer receipt can be done centrally via sigma//MC.

POSMAN and POSMAN-Cloud are owned by poe GmbH & Co. KG. Superdata is distributor for these products in Germany and some other countries and provides second level support for its customers.