sigma/Store is closed loop merchandise management system for stores that can handle multiple concessionaires.

sigma/Store handles all processes in different types retail businesses. sigma/Store is a building block of the complete sigma/Client solution. It can be run as a standalone solution or added to the ERP system of an enterprise. Together with sigma/HQ it covers all requirements of the chain store business.

The system has been developed for the retail industry and supports all processes related to

  • Ordering and Goods Receiving
  • Cashing up and store accounting
  • Price maintenance, shelf label printing

The retail environment for the system ranges from simple cash accounting to highly sophisticated solutions with automatic re-ordering and perpetual stock taking.

In combination with sigma/POS all daily sales information is directly booked.
The exact stock on hand is within seconds up to date which is essential for precise for order proposals, especial for fast moving products. Stock taking can be done during opening hours during the ordering process.

sigma/Store allows a consequent and tight optimisation of the store processes. Input is only entered once, where possible paperless work is preferred. sigma/Store provides correct and meaningful information on all assortments. The integration of peripheral devices ensures stable functioning. Wireless PDT's make the work flow still more efficient.

The closed loop processing of goods entry and exit guarantees that correct stock on hand information is always uptodate and correct.
Stock keeping and automatic re-ordering and perpetual stock taking are the tools for increased profit.