sigma//StoreM extends DEWAS III, sigma//Store and SiSu by providing central data management for back office and POS systems that are not linked to an ERP-system.

Building such functions into an ERP-system is always very costly and time consuming.

sigma//StoreM extends the central system with functions needed for data maintenance and the supply of data of the stores without expensive modifications.

sigma// Store offers the additional functions that are most frequently requested and not available in the ERP systems.

Discount actions

Based on the master data available in the ERP-system, discount actions can be planned, managed and send to the connected POS systems.

User data

Create and maintain user records in the remote POS systems including attached scales.

Customer master data

Administration and updating of customers records on a per store basis.

User interface, layout and parameters

Maintenance and updates of the touch screen layout and positioning of the virtual keys can be done easily using sigma//MC.