In many cases merchandise processing in the store is accomplished by central ERP-systems. In the stores only the connection of peripheral equipment is needed.

SiSu (store integration of subsystems) is the ideal solution for such constellations. SiSu allows to control and exchange data with the all peripherals in the store including the cash register.

  • SiSu attaches existing equipment in the stores to the central merchandise management system
  • The entire transfer of data from and to the devices attached to the POS system is accomplished by SiSu to the cash register, scales, PDT's, shelf label printers, reverse vending machines.

SiSu does not require a permanent online connection to the central system. Information is exchanged once a day or more often if required.

Standardised interfaces to connect to common central systems are available.

In addition SiSu offers complete back office functionality for a store

  • Master data/prices for store processes and sub systems
  • scheduling and activation of price changes and discount actions
  • Price verification (price and product data)
  • Connection of PDT's (batch and wireless) for ordering, stock taking, goods receiving and miscellaneous movements.
  • Cashier accounting
  • User master data
  • Printing of shelf labels and posters