An easy to handle merchandise management system with a complete functionality is an elementary base in order to have success in the retail business.

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The customer is king. Almost no customers will remember a smooth shopping experience; it is perceived as the normal way. A checkout however that does do not run smoothly will be remembered as a negative experience which may cause the customer to change his shopping habits by going elsewhere.

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sigma//Store, DEWAS III and SiSu (Store Integration of Subsystems) for organisations with ERP-systems.

In the following scenarios have been realised in a great variety of projects. The range of application and the environment in the store are defined by the organisation of the enterprise.

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Loss Prevention Audit has been conceived as a tool for the auditing department. The program was developed in dialogue with auditors from leading retail companies.

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The solutions for retail stores sigma//Store and DEWAS III and SiSu can handle the entire labelling process in the retail business. It includes initial labelling as well as changes for all devices in a store used for store signage.

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A typical result in automatic re-ordering is that the manpower for ordering is reduced by 50 %, stock is reduced by over 20 % while at the same time sales is increased through a better product presence. Write-offs on perishable products are significantly reduced.

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Cloud computing designates IT infrastructures like computing power, data storage, network capacities and also software availability that can be dynamically adapted to the momentary needs (on demand) over a network, e.g. the internet, which will be adapted dynamically on demand. A growing number of companied outsource their IT to cloud computing services.

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Customer Management is an optional building block of DEWAS III, MSS and sigma//MC. It offers the following functionality.

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Portable data terminals (PDT) let the employee working at the shelves, access the store merchandise management functions.

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The method „controlled stock taking“ organises the systematic and controlled stock take of products spread over the year, making the costly and personnel-intensive stock taking by fixed date obsolete.

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The balancing of supplier invoice against the agreed buying discounts is an essential part of the commercial task.

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In addition to the cash registers many other devices are used in a store. These also need support and integration into the store processes.

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