Cloud computing designates IT infrastructures like computing power, data storage, network capacities and also software availability that can be dynamically adapted to the momentary needs (on demand) over a network, e.g. the internet, which will be adapted dynamically on demand. A growing number of companied outsource their IT to cloud computing services.

Also for the retail business this technology has many advantages. A retailer normally is not an IT specialist; when using cloud computing he can concentrate on running his business. A service company takes care of the computer that has the application installed, cares about data safety and data storage and guarantees that every is secured.

With cashPlus@cloud and sigma//MC@cloud Superdata offers the possibility to the retailer to transfer his entire POS and merchandise management hard- and software to a provider operating cloud services. The functionality of cashPlus@cloud and sigma//MC@cloud corresponds to that of cashPlus and sigma//MC. Instead of investing in IT components and operating these himself, the services are invoiced by the computing centre according to the support used. „SaaS" which stands for Software as a Service software and the required computing power are available on lease.

A pre-requisite to participate in cloud computing is the installation of a modern cash register with touch screen and a DSL connection.

We can recommend a qualified computing centre with 24 hours a day and 7 days a week service. Your merchandise management will become still more reliable and your data is processed securely in a computing centre.

You will have the possibility to access your data at any time from any place when an internet connection is available. You will be able to start your programs as if the system were installed in the store. The connection to the computing centre is established over a VPN (Virtual Private Network) which is tap-proof.

The POS systems are ready to work out-of the-box; because they are offline capable, cashing will not be impacted in case the connection with the cloud should be interrupted. The system is automatically synchronised as soon as the connection is re-established. There will be no loss of data.

An important in considering cloud computing is the costs/benefits consideration of the saved investments in IT components.

You will save time and personnel; you can concentrate on your real business.