Customer Management is an optional building block of DEWAS III, MSS and sigma//MC. It offers the following functionality.

The following functions are available for customer management:

The recording, maintenance and distribution to attached stores if applicable, of general customer master data and additional information like delivery conditions, payment targets, turnover and unpaid invoices.

Creation of customer groups having the same discounts like for members of a sport club and the customer assortments for repeated orders.

Customer orders can be placed over the internet or by phone, delivery is assigned to a store in the neighbourhood.

For the store commission orders are generated, the delivery notes and invoices are available to central functions when the delivery has taken place. Generation of collective invoices and payments orders for the bank are part of customer management.

The reporting of recorded pay-ins, pay-outs as well as a central overview of open items completes the information for the finance department.

By means of customer cards printed by the system, the identification of the customer and granting of individual discounts becomes possible. Also collection of bonus points for customer loyalty actions is supported.

Statistical reports show in detail customer buying habits and preferences.