Portable data terminals (PDT) let the employee working at the shelves, access the store merchandise management functions.

The following variants are available:

  • Wireless PDT with interactive access to the MMS
  • PDT with data storage – load and decharge(offline)
  • Tablet PC for intelligent recording using an electronic order form.

Orders booked by wireless device are activated immediately. All PDT functions are also represented in the MMS. The data is always up-to-date which guarantees a high data quality. With a wireless device employees can do their work in the sales area and still help customers and answer questions.

When investments in wireless techniques are considered not economical offline PDT's can be loaded at the system offer almost identical functions. The offline solution however requires additional time for loading and off-loading which is not the case with wireless devices.

Functions supported by wireless PDT's:

  • Ordering, optionally order suggestions
    • by supplier (drop ship), order day
    • by merchandise groups, assortments
  • miscellaneous movements
  • Goods Receiving
  • Stock taking (ad hoc)
  • Price changes
  • Prepare shelf labels
  • Product verification
  • customer orders
  • Query product information (stock, etc.)

Renown manufacturers for wireless PDT hardware are among others Datalogic, Honeywell, Höft und Wessel, Nordic-ID|. These devices generally run under Windows CE ( sigma/MC or windows mobile. Increasingly also the Linux-based Android OS is used as an operating system. All applications are in a server, on the PDT's there are no applications.

Superdata offers in addition these functions also for smart phones and tablet-PC. Through the use of open technologies like web services our applications can easily be ported to other platforms. New applications are being developed. Smart phone and Tablet-PC have become helper devices when shopping. Ad hoc reports concerning the current state and development of the business support a retailer with multiple stores in managing the operation. Mobile devices can be made useful to extend service to the customers. Mobility and networks are becoming ever more important.