The method „controlled stock taking“ organises the systematic and controlled stock take of products spread over the year, making the costly and personnel-intensive stock taking by fixed date obsolete.

Other significant benefits are:

  • even distribution of the counting efforts
  • Stock taking can take place during opening hours, when customer frequency is low.
  • always up-to-date stock information
  • permanent control of losses; measures against these leaks can be taken immediately and targeted
  • Precise stock information at any time for automatic re-ordering, stock analysis, evaluation.

Since online stock keeping like is possible in sigma//Store all cash receipts and merchandise movements are accounted for when the cash transaction is terminated.
All relevant movements are stored in the store journal file according to legal requirements.

The products are selected by the following criteria

  • Time required for counting (available manpower)
  • Urgency and priority (by value and losses)
  • Products on promotion

The employee receives a daily list showing the products to be counted To make sure that until the cut-off date all products have been counted at least once, the expected work load for counting up to this date is calculated.

In DEWAS III resp. sigma/Store//Store other activities like ordering, goods receiving transfers can be combined with the stock taking when e.g. wireless PDT's are used.