The solutions for retail stores sigma//Store and DEWAS III and SiSu can handle the entire labelling process in the retail business. It includes initial labelling as well as changes for all devices in a store used for store signage.

Such devices are:

  • Making of shelf labels by standard or specialised printers
  • Labels for products sold by weight
  • Electronic shelf labels from various manufacturers
  • Single labels
  • Posters

The workflows are dictated by the related underlying process, i.e. whether the labels are intended for products on promotion or if a single label for goods receiving is required. The order of the printed output can be selected by criteria like department, sub-department or shelf for efficient distribution.

All prepared labels and posters are shown in a list and can be visualised at the screen for final a check. If the user agrees, printing can be started from this view. Labels are automatically sorted by type, by paper format, layout and promotion labels. More definitions for sorting can be easily created based on user definable criteria, e.g. by product id's. If needed the program will indicate that a different paper is required, alternatively the output can be directed to a different printer.

Printing of labels or posters can also be started manually by direct entry of the EAN or by PLU or product code, this will start printing immediately. Also via a wireless PDT, labels can be ordered directly from the shelf. Printing will start immediately in this case.

Layout, size, contents and type of the available formats are pre-defined and stored with the product data in the master data file. This additional product information also includes images and barcode types for support in the order process.