Loss Prevention Audit has been conceived as a tool for the auditing department. The program was developed in dialogue with auditors from leading retail companies.

Loss Prevention Audit has been designed as a tool for the auditing department Loss Prevention Audit (LPA) has been developed in close cooperation with auditors from leading retail businesses.

The version 'food' is aimed at the traditional checkout environment (empties, scales). For the special retail business the version 'non-food' is aimed at the different problem areas like returns.

All transactions of the POS systems are recorded in a central database. The data of different POS- and scale systems is made compatibles through special interfaces. This allows also to handle mixed hard and software solutions.

The program has been designed to handle mass data. From an overview of all stores exceptional transactions are filtered out. Every cashier or every cash register can be identified and via a 'drill-down' procedure the single transaction receipt can be made visible. 'Traffic light' functions indicate critical situations to the auditor.
Analysis of fraudulent actions From the POS transactions statistical key figures are derived that help in finding irregularities by employees at the POS. Transactions that are beyond the tolerances are highlighted.

Automation: The system reports to the auditor which store should be checked. If irregularities are found the auditor resp. the manager is notified by report or by mail.

Loss Prevention Audit is a stand-alone tool for which many interfaces to common POS software already exist. LPA can be configured to the needs of the involved departments.

Version Food for the self service environment

  • Checkout POS
  • Scale systems
  • Return of empties

Version Non-Food for speciality stores

  • cash transactions Sales
  • Returns with or without cash receipt
  • Pay-ins, pay-outs


  • Basket analysis
  • daily frequency