In addition to the cash registers many other devices are used in a store. These also need support and integration into the store processes.

These are:

  • Service scales (Bizerba, Mettler, Berkel, Digi)
  • Checkout scales (Bizerba, Mettler)
  • Reverse vending machines (Tomra, Trautwein)
  • Electronic shelf labels/pricing devices (Pricer, ZBD, NCR)
  • PDT's (batch, proprietary of solutions from different retail companies and all Windows CE/Windows Mobile compatible devices.
  • Wireless PDT's (online, all Windows CE and Windows Mobile compatible devices)
  • Coin scales (Tellermate)
  • Label and poster printers (all laser and colour printers, special printers by METO , UBI, Toshiba, Contact, DIGI)
  • Prestige poster print program (Online Software GmbH)

The above is only an overview of the extensive support and is constantly being enhanced when new solutions appear in the market. Your existing investment in hardware is secured because of this widespread support.

Master data and parameters for necessary for the operation can be maintained by functions available in the central site or at the store. This includes: Labelling, indication of allergenic contents, ingredients, best before information and product descriptions for labels and posters. Also electronic labels can be serviced.

The handling is to a great extend unified and independent from the manufacturer. A standardised interface system includes our applications flexibly and in a transparent way.

Where it makes sense, information from the peripherals is incorporated in the reporting system, e.g. scale systems (like turnover and gross profit from the serviced departments, resolution of the scales receipt into single lines). Also reverse vending machines are included.

The POS solution POSMAN resp. sigma//POS is completely integrated in merchandise processes. In addition POS systems from other manufacturers are installed together with our solutions.